Bitcoin Speculators Hit All-time Lows As Grayscale Says Btc Like 2016

The growth of cryptocurrency is just the beginning, as the bitcoin holders are gradually betaing out the speculators. The recent bitcoin report shows a pretty optimistic divergence in the Hodler vs. Speculator index. Let’s read a bit more about it. Structure repetition of 2016 The HSI usually measures the bitcoin activity from the wallets in […]

Mainframe’s latest Blockchain protocol acquisition to enable DeFi Bond System

The latest blockchain protocol from Mainframe is all set to create waves in the cryptocurrency market. It has recently acquired Sablier for operating in the real-time finance business. The money streaming technology of Sablier will be used to bring in innovations into this sector. The Mainframe is planning a fixed-rate lending protocol that will attract […]

Can I convert Bitcoin to GBP with Paypal?

Many people do bear doubts about whether the bitcoin can be converted to GBP with Paypal. Living in the digital world where bitcoin and cryptocurrency are gaining more importance and popularity, it is no wonder that people come up with similar questions. If ever you have taken efforts to buy some bitcoin, then you must […]