A Handful of Pro Traders Dominate the Bitcoin Market

Bitcoins are the virtual currency and is also considered to be the digital gold by the investors. Somehow bitcoin has managed to be the top leader in the digital currency world. Many high profile investors have ventured into the bitcoin market. These people are using the hedge against potential inflation.

Bitcoin investors expect a surge in the market.

Initially, the bitcoin price was just 30%, and later, it failed to spike up and is expected to rise with the increase of its trading at the time of corona. According to the report given by Chainalysis, it is clear that the professional traders have control over the liquidity of the bitcoin market. The coin value was 85% of the US dollar value when the coins are sent for exchange. Many investors are considered bitcoin to be digital gold, and it can add a lot of value in the future.

Limited pro-traders in the market

Based on the report given by Chainalysis, there are only a few pro-traders in the market who are evincing interest in trading the bitcoins. There will be around 39,000 transfers that take place every week in a year. The retail traders initiate the majority of the bitcoin transfers. They will deposit the bitcoins worth less than USD 1000 for exchange and are carrying out 96% of bitcoin transfers every week.

The bitcoins that are transferred every week increased in 2018. It was the record that is not broke to date. The corona pandemic has shaken the whole world and brought it to stand still. With the increase in lockdowns, it has become a massive interruption for the businesses to carry out the transactions. Today, businesses are showing interest in digital currencies, especially the bitcoins.

The businesses have 60% of the bitcoins, and they are not selling any of the coins. They are holding them for more than a quarter. They are just using 19% of the bitcoins to carry out the mining process. There is a spike in bitcoin transactions by the investors, and they found it to be equal to gold and want to keep the bitcoins despite fluctuating prices.

According to the report, the bitcoins are held by the people who value those coins like gold. It is an asset that is kept with them to sell it for a whopping amount in the future.

Many people are showing interest to trade bitcoins due to which there is a shortage of coins. The bitcoins are switching their place from the investment bucket to the trading bucket. However, the trading will happen only when the coin value increases, and the investors want to sell them.

Working of the bitcoin

Bitcoin is a kind of cryptocurrency that uses the source code and is built using complicated algorithms, which make it unauthorized users to intrude in or create a duplicate bitcoin unit. The underlying principle used for bitcoins is the cryptography. No one can break the complicated bitcoin algorithm and tweak the bitcoin units. Bitcoin is known to be the first virtual currency. You can use these coins to buy goods from the merchants who are accepting the payments through bitcoins. It can also be used by private users to avail services and clear the debts. You can also swap this currency with the other currencies. Those currencies can be traditional or virtual. The niche currency would be fluctuating drastically.

Benefits of bitcoin trading for retailers

Trading bitcoin is a bit different from purchasing and selling the bitcoins. When you are carrying out bitcoin trading with the help of brokerage, you can invest in the bitcoins. The brokerage will take care of this grunt work. You do not have to decide when to sell or buy. The brokerage will keep a close watch on the bitcoin trading and predicts when the price goes up and down.

The benefit that you can reap by trading bitcoins is that you can reap profits when the bitcoin market is trending or declining. It gives high security to the coins.


Leveraging of bitcoin is a useful tool that increases the amount you can control in the trade by using a small capital as collateral. You can take a non-interest loan from the broker and trade with massive amounts to reap profits. You must leverage the bitcoins cautiously to keep risk at bay.

Profit in trending and declining market

The best part of the bitcoin trading is that you can reap profits although the market moves up or down. As you do not have any bitcoin in hands, so you do not have to lose anything when the price comes down. You can sell bitcoin, and the broker will do the trading for you, and if you predict accurately, you can reap profits.


Many bitcoin traders are showing interest in investing in bitcoins due to the corona pandemic. This is helping them to carry out transactions safely and without the involvement of any bank.