Is Bitcoin Price Ready for a Big Breakout Next Week?

The price of Bitcoin is constantly rising. It was steady at $9000 after that a rally of $9,600 has started. The price of one Bitcoin has been anticipated by many analysts and financial experts. The only question that is bothering these experts is when does the Bitcoin doing to hit the $10,000 mark? Since the […]

South Korean Economist Warns New Tax Laws May Slow Down Crypto Market Growth

Worrying about the stringent tax laws, South Korean economists say that crypto’s growth can go down. The South Korean government recently announced that they intend to tax cryptocurrencies at rates up to 20%. They were keen to legitimize the sector for a long time, but the current financial crisis appeared as the perfect time for […]

Crypto and blockchain adoption amid the pandemic

Cryptocurrency is booming today. Many people are showing interest in investing in the cryptocurrency. They buy cryptocurrencies at a low rate and sell them at a high price when its price hikes up. Due to pandemic, many people have lost their income sources and jobs, and cryptocurrency trading is found to be a lucrative option […]

Can I convert Bitcoin to GBP with Paypal?

Many people do bear doubts about whether the bitcoin can be converted to GBP with Paypal. Living in the digital world where bitcoin and cryptocurrency are gaining more importance and popularity, it is no wonder that people come up with similar questions. If ever you have taken efforts to buy some bitcoin, then you must […]

A Handful of Pro Traders Dominate the Bitcoin Market

Bitcoins are the virtual currency and is also considered to be the digital gold by the investors. Somehow bitcoin has managed to be the top leader in the digital currency world. Many high profile investors have ventured into the bitcoin market. These people are using the hedge against potential inflation. Bitcoin investors expect a surge […]