3 Misinterpretations about Cryptocurrency and Refutations to Them

The bitcoin industry has risen substantially in the last era. But, The rate of absorption is still quite low for cryptocurrencies around the globe. Many people on this planet are still not ready to give them a chance, considering the various advantages and tremendous success of virtual currencies relative to fiat currency. Nearly 60% of […]

Crypto Remains Unregulated In Russia — Lots Of Talks But No Action

In November end, news came up that crypto users from Russia under the grey zone for the operation could stand at a risk stage since the nation’s financial authorities had contacted the forces to perform an outlaw over the digital asset used instrument payments. After that, the country’s interior ministry shows a confirmation upon the […]

Mainframe’s latest Blockchain protocol acquisition to enable DeFi Bond System

The latest blockchain protocol from Mainframe is all set to create waves in the cryptocurrency market. It has recently acquired Sablier for operating in the real-time finance business. The money streaming technology of Sablier will be used to bring in innovations into this sector. The Mainframe is planning a fixed-rate lending protocol that will attract […]