Bitcoin Speculators Hit All-time Lows As Grayscale Says Btc Like 2016

The growth of cryptocurrency is just the beginning, as the bitcoin holders are gradually betaing out the speculators. The recent bitcoin report shows a pretty optimistic divergence in the Hodler vs. Speculator index. Let’s read a bit more about it.

Structure repetition of 2016

The HSI usually measures the bitcoin activity from the wallets in order to provide an impression of how exactly the network participants are utilizing Bitcoin. This can result in market sentiment as well. According to the on-chain analytics of coin metrics, they label coins as ‘holder coins’ which have not moved much in the past one to three years. And on the other hand, speculator coins are the ones that have been moved in the last 90 days.

And as a result, according to their research, they have seen the hike of holder coins. They have even observed the gradual reduction of speculator coins. They have even stated the fact that the current state of Bitcoin resembles the scenario of 2016. It was roughly 18 months before it had its all-time highs as of $20,000. Thus, growth is undoubtedly evident and is, to a significant extent.

BTC beats record

Now the Grayscale provides better insight regarding the strengths of Bitcoin investors as of 2020. Thus, we will consider their statistics regarding this issue for better knowledge.

Even though there has been such a hike in price variation in the last twelve months, there is undoubtedly a keen desire among the investors to continue their investment in bitcoins. They do not prefer to trade or sell it off at any price less than the current yearly high of $12,000. Thus, there has been a significant level of bitcoin owned in a single year.

The metric even indicates the fact that there is undoubtedly a strong conviction in bitcoin as per the current base of investors in this market. It also clearly suggests the hike of demand among the investors and uses it as a store of value rather than trading it. This is undoubtedly a great option that appeared to the investors since they are more interested in holding up the Bitcoin irrespective of its volatility.

The store-of-value proposition this month clearly gains much more publicity and popularity this month as Microstrategy. This was purchased over 21,000 BTC during the mid-august. It is total confirmed news that it had holdings that were equivalent to over $400 million. Thus, it was pretty precious and important.


This clearly states that there has been a significant rise in the demand of holder coins after looking at Grayscale’s statistics. This took up the interest of investors to a large extent and made them shift to better options. They have apparently gained such an affinity towards BTC that they might even hold on to them as per the reports. This amount of growth is clearly insane. Furthermore, the 2016 scenario played a major role in the market for various reasons, as discussed above.