Gas Heater Broke Down? I’ll Just Heat My Caravan With A Bitcoin Miner

Since 2013, Michael Schmid started his Bitcoin journey with Bitcoin core, mined a few BTC, and bought some Bitcoin from MtGox. Since then, he frequently has had his fair share of profits and losses.

Fast forward to 2020, Schmid got into the BTC industry as the endless money printing hassle troubled him. According to him, BTC should be a global reserve company and a store for value.

He went back to the BTC mining rabbit hole and started building his knowledge again as he left a few years back. Starting from the basics to the ASICs, Antminers and other elements. He wrapped it all whatever he had left from.

According to ET, it was better to “replace a resistive heater over a bitcoin miner as the former one not only turns electricity to heat but will also generate BTC even further.”

He bought an S9 from a friend and started mining it instead of the space heater to heat his office. The results were affirmative, where he finally discovered this winning combination!

He would solve valid BTC blocks in his portfolio and reap the best rewards while working and living in his warm and comfy space. Apart from the regular 9-5, he loves to travel across America in his campervan, an Airstream.

However, in the next step, his heater wasn’t working well, so he started to think about how he could build a complete system and prevent overheating.

This was when he came up with the idea of keeping the caravan warm while mining BTC via solar panels on the roof and the free campsite electricity.

Not only did it solve the intermittent issues of the mining, but it also helped to generate over 0.00006259 BTC per day!

According to him, the more home mining setups around the world, the better it gets as BTC is one of the most lucrative elements most people should try out.