HitBTC Cryptocurrency Exchange reveals iOS mobile app

The demand for cryptocurrency trading is increasing all over the world. In this regard, the HitBTC cryptocurrency exchange has introduced the iOS application that provides all the main features available in the regular desktop version. In this way, it has opened a new mode of trading that will be widely accepted by traders. These days, most traders use apps for trading, and cryptocurrency trading will get a new boost with such developments from leading exchanges in the world. The exchange has more than 800 trading pairs, and traders can now access all of them through the iOS app. Hence it will be easy for the traders to deal in this currency, and at the same time, the exchange will also have added advantages of the addition of this system.

Enhanced security with 2FA

The HitBTC trading platform now comes with enhanced security, and users will have to provide multiple details for logging into the trading account. The 2 Factor Authentication is one of the most trusted methods of providing security to any account, and it is widely employed by trusted financial institutions around the world. In this way, users will be able to log in only after providing multiple authentication details. This reduces the chances of accounts getting compromised online. For every trader, security is a prime concern that is rightly addressed now, and hence traders can trade on this platform without any fear.

Different order types

Users can now input different types of orders according to their trading preferences in the mobile app. The features available in the desktop trading platform will also be available on the app platform. The most popular types of orders include limit orders in which users can input a specific value for buying or selling any contract. On the other hand, market orders allow users to buy and sell in a quick time without inputting any price. In this situation, the latest available market price will be taken for trading, and it is beneficial while trading in contracts that have high liquidity. Apart from that, users can also input stop-loss orders and other types of orders by choosing the different options available in the order book. The system has different order systems that one can follow as per own will and convenience of trade.

Trading tools and analysis

As traders get savvy about various types of analysis, they look for different tools that will help them in this direction. Considering all these aspects, HitBTC has introduced the best trading tools that will help users analyze the price movement using different indicators. If you are a fan of technical analysis, you will love most of the features available in the form of charts. You can set your preferences in these charts and use the suitable indicators to trade in cryptocurrencies. Hence with the help of this advanced option, it will be easier to trade and make a profit in this virtual currency segment also.

Mobile functionality of digital assets

Most users prefer to trade online through mobile platforms, and this is true even with regards to cryptocurrencies. This is very beneficial for the modern-day savvy traders as they are usually on the move, and they need not get stuck with a single desktop platform. Even if they have access to a desktop, they prefer to use a mobile platform as this offers better privacy while trading in cryptocurrency markets. You can also get the best alerts for your price levels on your mobile trading platform. All these factors make the mobile platform invincible in today’s cryptocurrency markets.  The platform is exclusively designed, keeping in mind the trading habits of professional traders in the market.